Integrity Watch

Integrity Watch is a set of user-friendly online tools that allow citizens, journalists, and civil society to monitor political integrity in their institutions. For this purpose, data on lobby meetings, financial interests of public officials, political finance and public procurement that is often scattered and difficult to access is collected, harmonised, and made easily available.

The platforms allow you to search, rank and filter the information in an intuitive way. Thereby Integrity Watch contributes to increasing transparency, integrity, and equality of access to decision-making and to monitor for potential conflicts of interest, undue influence or even corruption.

This central hub will provide you with an overview of all existing Integrity Watch platforms deployed across the world. Are you a researcher, civil society activist, journalist or curious about the original datasets powering our Integrity Watch platforms? Register now to join the fight against political corruption and gain access to one of the largest databases on political integrity in Europe!

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Deputatiuzdelnas is the Latvian version of Integrity Watch. It allows the public, media, non-governmental sector, as well as other interested parties to view data and information on the financing of political parties in Latvia and declarations of interests and assets of Saeima deputies.
Integrity Watch EU
Integrity Watch EU provides user-friendly access to lobby meetings published by the European Commission and European Parliament as well as declarations of financial interests of Members of the European Parliament.
Ausa Riigi Valvur
Cross-linked risk monitoring tool with full beneficial owner registry, business registry and national public procurement database
Integrity Watch Czechia
Cross-linked risk monitoring tool with full full Beneficial Ownership Register, Business Register, Donations to Political Parties and Parties annual accounts.
Integrity Watch Malta
Monitoring tool of declarations of interests, deposits of Members of Parliament as well as donations to Maltese political parties
Integrity Watch France
Integrity Watch France provides users with data and information on declarations of interests of Members of the Government, Deputies, Senators and French MEPs as well as delcarations of lobbying activities in France.
Integrity Watch Greece
Integrity Watch Greece allows the journalist, citizens, civil society organisation to search, rank and filter asset declarations of Members of the Hellenic Parliament.
Integrity Watch Portugal
Monitoring tool of declarations of interests and biographies of Members of Parliament
Integrity Watch Nederland
Integrity Watch Nederland provides user-friendly access to declarations of financial interests of Eerste and Tweede Kamerleden (Senators and Members of Parliament) as well as an overview of donations to political parties since 2017.
Integrity Watch Portugal
Integrity Watch Portugal provides user-friendly access to declarations of interests published by Portuguese Members of Parliament.
Hungarian cross-linked risk monitoring tool with high value public procurement contracts, beneficial ownership register, business register and political exposed person in the media
Open Access UK
This UK version of Integrity Watch provides a unique overview of lobby meetings with UK government Minsters published since 2012.
Integrity Watch Spain
Integrity watch Spain provides detailed access to the declarations of assets and income published by members of the Congress of Deputies and the Senate of the 14th Legislature.
Integrity Watch Deutschland
Monitoring tool of the German lobby register
ManoSeimas is the Lithuanian version of Integrity Watch. The platform contains agendas of Members of Parliament including their meetings with interest groups and registered lobbyists. Soon to be updated with data on who has long-term permits to enter the Parliament.
Soldiepolitica is the Italian version of Integrity Watch. The platform contains donations to political parties and foundations and declarations of interests of Members of Parliament.
Varuh Integritete
Varuh Integritete is the Slovenian version of Initegrity Watch. The platform provides user friendly access to lobby meetings with the Government offices and Parliament.
Integrity Watch Slovakia
Cross-linked risk monitoring tool for donations, loans to political parties, public sector partner companies and beneficial owners in Slovakia
Integrity Watch Romania
Monitoring tool of lobby meetings published by Romanian government officials